What Are Bolens Garden Tractors? **2021

Bolens Garden TractorsBolens garden tractors are a new product on the market that are designed to be more user friendly and are more affordable than other brands of garden tractors available. This company produces four types of garden tractors: the Bolens Corso, the Bolens Plummer, the Bolens Traverse and the Bolens Supertra. Each of these models have different capacities but offer the ability to plow through thick weeds in less time and are better equipped for light duty work and compacting soil at the same time. All of these models have a frame made from high quality galvanized steel to prevent breakage and a heavy duty belt with heavy duty slippings. Most models offer a dust collector to collect any fallen leaves and dirt while others have up to twenty-eight inch sprayers to help you get rid of those stubborn bugs or pests.

The company has spent years researching what gardeners need most and has developed their products to meet these needs. For example, the Plummer is designed for light duty work because it is only able to plow a limited amount of land. However, the tractor is larger and heavier than the Corso, which makes it more suited for larger jobs. The Traverse is a more versatile machine that can do light to medium-duty planting work and the Supertrapper is the garden tractor for those who want a large garden tractor that can do everything from planting to harvesting.

In addition to their products, the company manufactures parts and tools for its tractors. A representative will be at your house to discuss parts and which ones you may need. If you want to repair your garden tractor, contact the company to make sure they have parts available and to tell them what you need so they can order it for you. This company offers its customers the best customer service available. You can find out more about the products and the company by visiting its website.

What You Should Know About Bolens Garden Tractors

Bolens Garden TractorsThe Bolens Garden Tractor is a gas-powered lawn tractor manufactured by The Eastern States Company. The company has been around since the early fifties selling garden tractors, mainly lawn tractors. They were known at that time for their quality workmanship and durability. This company still produces high quality lawn tractors today.

The company offers four models of gas and electric-powered lawn tractors. The models are the Pulsar XL, Tractor 99, Dual Mix and the LP-2 models. All these models have been manufactured to withstand the toughest conditions and are easy to use. All the models of the Bolens garden tractor have received reviews from the consumers as they are easy to handle, economical and reliable.

The price of the tractor starts from three thousand dollars for the smallest model to six thousand dollars for the largest one. If you want a heavy-duty lawn tractor, you should look for the models that are equipped with an automatic controller, an adjustable cutting depth, low tire pressure, low battery indicator, rain sensors, an extended frame, aluminum frame and a dual-fuel engine. With the various models of the Bolens garden tractor, it is not hard to find one that will meet your needs and will last you for many years.

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